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Bike the Coast

Discover Africa



Discover Africa with Bike the Coast

Local people in their settlements and traditional African villages, palm- and mango-tree forests,  different  climate zones, views on Creeks and Mombasa North Coast Area

We offer "Bush-Tours" with Mountain-Bikes:

  • Guided Mountain Bike tours

  • Different tours with different levels of difficulty

  • All equipment provided

  • Individual tours on request


Enjoy the real Africa!

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Welcome on the site or web page of Bike the Coast, Mombasa, Kenyan Coast, Kenya, East Africa.
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Mombasa is an excellent destination for your holidays. There is more entertainment, attractions than only Sun, Sand and Sea and Beach and going out there are a lot of things to do. Things to do: Here you find information what to do in Mombassa North Coast. Why not a tour off-road eco-tour with the Mountain Bike or Fishing or Deep-sea Fishing or Diving. What about Water sport like kite surfing, Squash, Golf and Tennis?
You will have a lot of fun on our mountain bike tours, here we call them bush tours, fully environmental friendly. Our guided and secure tours are an excellent alternative, also for flight crews.
Activities - you find it all in Mombasa, not only Karting. Entertainment, Nightlife, Going-out. Very popular are the discos in Mombasa, for example dancing in Tembo Disco, Full Moon, Volume, in Casaurina Disco, Casuarina Disco, also called Nomad, in Mtwapa Lambada Splash Disco, FunFan. Popular Bars are Cheers, Safari Inn in Serena or Bobs Bar near Kenol, Ya'mas. Fun and entertainment in Mombasa.
You will find also our Telefon Number on this page or other important Mombasa phone numbers for Doctor or Hospital or Mombasa Railway Station. The area of Mombasa Northcoast is Nyali, Bamburi, Mtwapa, Mtwappa, Bombolulu, Kiembeni, Kikambala, Shanzu, Nguu Tatu, Nguuni, Nguni, Ngamani, Vipingo, Creek.
With Hotels like Nyali Beach Hotel, Voyager Beach Hotel, Mombasa Beach Hotel, Reef, Giriama Beach Hotel, Reef Hotel, Bahari Beach Hotel, Whitesands, Travellers Beach Hotel, Bamburi Beach Hotel, Aloha, Sai Rock, Severin Sea Lodge, Serena, Sun 'n' Sand in Kikambala, Plaza, Kahama, Kenya Bay, Beach Bar in Mtwapa, Paradise, North Coast Hotel and many more. Nightlife in Mombasa is just super. If you like to dive in Mombasa you can dive with baracuda, tropical, blue marine, and Peponi Divers and buccaneer.
 Restaurants are Swiss, German, Italian as il covo, yul aquadrom, La Veranda, Marina, Moorings, Kenya marine land and tamarind. Hunter Steak house and Roberto's Nyali, Roberto's Pizzeria, Pistacchio in Serena. Diving centers are buccaneer barracuda, blue marine and peponi divers diving in tropical waters at Indian ocean. Car hire and safari with kedev, guptas and ketty tours and also excellent and distance. Water sports for kite and wind surfing like prosurf extreme and seabreeze. Also a very modern Cinema we have in Nyali - Nyali Cinemax with Dolby THX. Good Pizza at Yuls Aquadrom where you can rent also Jet-Ski, La Veranda near Nakumatt or Pistacchio in Serena. Bike the Coast is only a foot walk from African Safari Club (ASC).
In Mombasa mountain biking is very suitable for kids, kidz and youngsters or families or even big families. Groups like very much to mountain cycle, cycling and discover Africa by mountain bike.
Biking-tours, cycling tours, bike expedition are an excellent alternative to the watersports and safaris. Our guided tour bring you on  mountain bike trail and single trail, off the beaten track to places where you can shoot fabulous pictures, picture-taking, holiday and sport. Our bush tours are welcomed activities off the beach, just come we provide all equipment and biking to the wildlife, traditional life. We also organize Individual tours into to bush, the Hinterland, to South Coast in Mombasa, Kenya.
Our Starting points are at Mombasa Go-Kart opposite the Haller Park, Forest Trails, and next to ASC (African Safari Club). We offer pick up from all hotels from African Safari Club like Palm, Coral, Shanzu, Paradise, Dolphin, Kasr Al Bahar, Vasco da Gama, Flamingo Beach, Kenya Bay, Bamburi Beach Hotel, Bamburi Beach Resort, Indiana resort, Kahama, Continental Hotel (Serena) at the Indian ocean with their top accommodation. For activities, going out, outdoor activities, attractions, what to do in Mombasa visit this website of Bike the Coast, also for cycling and bush tours.